Primer Group joins Sodexo merchant network, expands digital GC experience of millions of consumers nationwide - Sodexo

Primer Group joins Sodexo merchant network, expands digital GC experience of millions of consumers nationwide

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Philippines announces partnership with Primer Group of Companies as a merchant affiliate, adding 26 additional brands with over 300 stores nationwide to Sodexo’s digital merchant network. 

"Primer's partnership with Sodexo is a step closer to fulfilling our mission of bringing the world closer to our customers. Our vision to enrich the lives of our customers through the wealth of brands and services we offer aligns well with Sodexo's purpose to create a better everyday for everyone,” Dinah Yau Lim, Primer Group’s Chief Operating Officer, says. “We are excited to welcome Sodexo customers in our stores and I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership,” she adds.  

“True to Sodexo’s mission to continuously bring meaningful rewards experiences, we are delighted to work with Primer Group’s well-loved brands to add variety to our digital GC redemption experience,” Mert Cetin, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Philippines’ Country Chief Executive Officer, says. “Together, we share the same goal to elevate everyday lives,” he adds.  

 (L-R): Manuel San Andres, Merchant Director – Sodexo BRS Philippines; Maynard Bulosan, Digital Team Head – Primer Group; Mert Cetin, Chief Executive Officer – Sodexo BRS Philippines; Dinah Yau Lim, Chief Operating Officer – Primer Group; Janan Ednalino, Business Development Manager – Sodexo BRS Philippines; and Arvin Silva, Sales and Operations Lead, DX Team – Primer Group 

The Primer Group of Companies is one of the country’s retail and distribution giants who brought the world’s most favorite premium brands in travel, lifestyle, footwear, action sports, and outdoor adventure to the Philippines. The group is also the brainchild behind the well-loved retail concept stores like Bratpack, The Travel Club, R.O.X. (Recreational Outdoor eXchange), and Res|Toe|Run, among others. 

Through this partnership, Sodexo digital GC users will have more ways to enjoy their gift certificates and reward themselves with lifestyle and outdoor adventure necessities. Sodexo+ Premium Pass digital GCs and Mobile Passes are now accepted for in-store purchases at the following Primer Group brands: 

  1. The Travel Club  
  2. Res|Toe|Run  
  3. Bratpack  
  4. Columbia  
  5. Hydro Flask  
  6. The North Face  
  7. R.O.X.  
  8. Herschel  
  9. DC  
  10. Birkenstock  
  11. Dr. Martens  
  12. Grind  
  13. Backjoy  
  14. Fox  
  15. Quiksilver  
  16. Hedgren  
  17. Salomon  
  18. Tumi  
  19. Native  
  20. Rockport  
  21. Flight 001  
  22. Aetrex  
  23. Sledgers  
  24. Agnes B  
  25. Travelon  
  26. Boardriders 

Sodexo digital GC clients can expect many exclusive and exciting offers in collaboration with the Primer Group in the future.  

For now, all Sodexo digital GC holders can enjoy their rewards at the abovementioned Primer brands and redeem what their hearts desire—from premium bags, travel essentials, sustainable footwear and more. 

To date, the Sodexo digital merchant network has a total of 9,000 merchants nationwide. Visit for the complete list of merchants. 

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