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How To Send Help To Your Employees During A Crisis

The Filipino workforce has once again proven how resilient and resourceful it can beWhen the Luzon island was placed under lockdown, not one organization imagined that it could maintain optimum productivity while on full remote work setup.  And yet, most did.    

Of the many things that challenge the business sector right now, one of the most critical is addressing the needs of the workforce. It’s important to understand that these needs are not always monetary. Sometimes, help comes in the form of support and thoughtful leadership.  

Here are 4 things you can do to help your employees—and your company—go through this crisis 

1. Be an advocate of safety measures

COVID-19 Safety Measures

If you have on-site employees who continue to report on the job, make them feel safe by implementing strict distancing protocols in the workplace and providing protective equipment like face masks and alcohol. Likewise, keep reminding your remote employees to stay home. Have a process in place to check on everyone’s health condition. Encourage anyone who exhibits illness symptoms to practice self-isolation.

This is one of the most important ways you can send help to your employees during this time. 

2. Offer financial assistance  

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One of the most brutal effects of lockdown is the financial downturn.  Most affected are households with breadwinners who are on a no work, no pay contract 

You can ease your employees’ financial load by providing the means to get basic supplies. While it’s impossible to distribute grocery items to them during this period, there are digital options available that allow you to remotely send help.  

The Sodexo Mobile Pass is a digital voucher that’s accepted ithe country’s top retail chains. (See the complete list of merchants here.)  You don’t have to worry about logistics and distribution as Sodexo Mobile Pass can be instantly sent and received through SMS or email.  

3. Have a plan 

Pandemic Plan

What do you do if one of your employees gets infected by the virus?  How will you resume normal operations once the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) is lifted? And what if it gets extended to another month? 

You can take this time to prepare for possible scenarios with your business’ health and employees’ safety in mind.  

 4. Ask what they need  

Ask what they need

Not everyone has the capability to set-up a home office. Even though some manage to have a makeshift office in their kitchens or bedrooms, this is not ideal long-term. Additionally, on-ground employees encounter different sets of challengewhile commutingTransportation is limited and there is always a risk of exposure.   

With COVID-19, the needs of your employees have changed. The easiest way to understand these and send help to your employees during this time is to simply ask.  

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