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How to Make Your Christmas Rewards Stand Out

Recently, the world is abuzz with the terms “great resignation” and “quiet quitting”. Triggered by the pandemic, the great resignation is a term used to describe the increasing number of resignations that companies are facing. Quiet quitting, on the other hand, is when employees stay at their jobs but only do the minimum requirement with less effort and enthusiasm. In some instances, these employees would only wait for their 13th-month bonuses to come in before handing in the resignation paper they have long printed and signed. These are real issues that most likely keep the management awake at night.

No organization wants to see great talents go. However, it’s not enough for you to just want it either. There must be a proactive way for you to keep your employees happy and feeling valued at work. According to Great Place to Work, employees whose well-being are well taken care of by the company are three times more likely to stay with their employer. They are also three times more likely to refer their employers to others! With the holiday season just right around the corner, now is a good chance to make them feel valued. Let them know about your gratitude for the contributions your employees have made for the company this year.

There are many ways in which you can say “thank you” to your employees. Monetary rewards are very well-appreciated but sometimes, it’s not the amount that makes the reward stand out. What matters is that you make them feel heard and valued by doing simple things, such as:

1. Giving praises and positive feedback.

A “job well done” or “that was amazing work” could be simple phrases, but they mean so much to the ones receiving it. It makes the employee feel that they’re doing something meaningful and that they’re contributing to the project or the company’s progress. This inculcates a sense of purpose in employees.

2. Setting them up for success by providing them with learning and development opportunities.

Investing in their growth is another way you can communicate to your employees that you care about their well-being. By offering learning and development opportunities for them, your employees are able to scale up. As the business landscape evolves continuously, this ensures that your employees are up to speed with the latest skills needed for them, and for you, to thrive in the industry.

3. Promoting the achievers and giving salary increases.

Employee recognition is also an important aspect of taking care of their well-being. Giving promotions and salary increases to those who have done incredible work is surely a morale-booster for everyone, not just the recipients. It gives the impression that your company values great work. It will, in turn, motivate the rest of your staff to work even harder the next year round.

4. Rewarding even the smallest of contributions through memorable gifts.

While not all employees are up for promotion, everyone sure is doing their own part in keeping the company running like a well-oiled machine. These efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed and are also worthy of rewards. A small token of appreciation, like digital gift certificates (GCs) from Sodexo, will surely go a long way in spreading not just the holiday cheer but also a positive workplace culture.

Make year-end parties memorable with Sodexo

Planning for another memorable year-end party for the company must be on your to-do list, now that bigger and grander Christmas parties are making a comeback. Choosing the right gifts to hand out to your employees can be a daunting task—but we’re here to help! Sodexo has a wide range of digital GCs that give your employees total freedom to choose the reward that they want.

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Christmas is a special time for everyone. You have the capacity to make it even more special by making your employees feel that they are the most important asset in your organization. Make their holidays even more memorable with the gift of choice that only a Sodexo digital GC can offer.