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How to Keep Your People Engaged and Loyal

You may already know this, but you should always put into mind that among the resources your organization has, employees should always come on top as they are the most valuable assets and the key to the success of your company’s business. However, the common challenge most organizations encounter is that before they became employees, they were first individuals who came from different culture and background, which makes it more difficult to manage and maintain them (agree?). That alone is already a difficult feat to achieve, but what more in keeping them engaged and loyal?

It has always been a challenge for businesses to retain people and keep them motivated, but the effort is all worth it once you have successfully turned them into loyal employees, because it will definitely reflect on their performance and contribution to your organization. And you have to admit it, once you have developed and nurtured loyal employees, it is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Here are some valuable tips that you should take with you on how to motivate employees and keep them engaged and loyal to your organization:

1. Provide Your Employees Opportunities for career growth and advancement

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Your employees may have different agendas and aspirations when they applied to a position in your company, but a part of every applicant’s objective is to have a professional growth in their respective field. In fact, this is very common among the millennial people, because according to a study by Gallup, 87% of the millennial people said that career development is important in a job. In support to that claim, on another study, millennial respondents said that they more likely to remain in a company if they are satisfied with its career development programs.

2. Don’t just listen to their feedback, you have to acknowledge it as well

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Listening to your employees’ feedback would definitely make them feel that they are being acknowledged and understood. However, it should not end there. In order to complete the process, as a leader, you should be able to incorporate and take into account their feedback. Because apparently, according to an employee poll, 38% of employees felt that when leaders disregard their ideas, they tend to lack initiative.

3. Give them recognition and praise

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For most employees, recognition and praises is more than just an incentive and reward. In fact, 70% of employees said that the most meaningful recognition had no monetary value. For them it is an employer’s gesture that communicates their importance and value at work.

Your people are the core pillars of your organization and in order for you strengthen its foundation, you have to ensure that they remain engaged and loyal to your company.Employee Rewards GIF

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