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How to Gear up your Next Consumer Sales Promotion?

There are several of consumer sales promotion techniques that companies use to promote their product. But other than product promotion, the purpose of conducting such initiatives is to encourage product trials, increase repeat purchases, and of course, augment sales.

One of the most common and conventional techniques being used is price-off or discount promo. However, now that everyone is doing it, is it still the go-to promo to expand your customer base?

These days, sales promotions are no longer just about being creative or providing discount to get customers buy or avail your product or service. In fact, traditional discount promo has now become less appealing among customers because of two reasons. First, since almost everyone is doing it, they see this type of promotion as a generic tactic and is no longer attractive. To put this simply, discount promos are now very common and it no longer give excitement to them. Second, given today’s continuing technological development, most consumers especially the younger markets are now looking for creative, convenient, and innovative product and promotional experience.

Here is a three (3) step process to gear up your next consumer sales promotion, and provide your customers an inventive promotional experience that will induce them to come back for more:

Identify your target market

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The first step always starts with determining who your target markets are. After which you can already proceed with other important details, which are identifying their needs and wants, as well as understanding their lifestyle.

Develop your offer (reward)

Think Like a Customer

After clearly defining who your customers are, and studying their preferences and behaviour, you should now be able to identify what type of reward you should offer, and materialize it into a sound consumer program.

Distribute Your Rewards FAST

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Given the busy lifestyle of most people, majority wants everything fast and convenient. This concept applies as well to consumers. So if you want to provide your customer the best product and promotional experience, you have to ensure that you distribute it quick!

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