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How To Celebrate Milestones Remotely With Employees

At a time when our interactions with our officemates remain virtual, we often find ways on how to celebrate milestones at work, even at a distance. One of the most effective ways to boost employee morale is by celebrating work milestones. It helps maintain a team’s sense of togetherness, especially now when we’re all making things work remotely. Welcoming new team members. Retirement send-offs. Successful product launches. Closing big deals. These are some noteworthy work milestones that we’d want to look back on. Here are a few ideas to celebrate with your employees, from a distance.

1. Hold a remote roast

Hold a Remote Roast If toasts are for weddings, roasts are for everything—including work celebrations! Since social get-togethers are still a no-no, gather your team on a virtual meeting where you share your best-roasted goodies. Although virtually, it’s a wonderful way to recognize employees and also get to know their food preferences.

2. Send virtual certificates

Send virtual certificates Graduation ceremonies are now being done online. So, why not make employee recognition days virtual, too? Canva and Microsoft Office offer awesome certificate templates you can use for free. Whether you want to hold a virtual ceremony or simply send the certificates privately, such gesture shows sincerity in appreciating accomplishments. READ: Fun Employee Award Titles For Your Next Recognition Day

3. Schedule time for team fun

Set aside time for team fun We carve out time for important business meetings so much that we often forget to set aside time for celebrations. If you have an employee who’s celebrating their work anniversary or has just recently closed a huge deal, it’s reasonable to take even just a few minutes to savor the achievement. Have a quick congratulatory program. If you have more time, host a remote karaoke. There are a lot of virtual office activities you can enjoy with your team.

4. Make rewards personal

Make rewards personal Knowing your employees well will help you craft the ideal gift or plan the kind of celebration they’d enjoy. It is their milestone celebration, after all. And what could be more personal than having the freedom to choose exactly what they want? Digital gift certificates like Sodexo+ digital GCs are the timely, instant, and effective rewards for remote employees. With Sodexo+, you can send them digital GCs via portal and they will receive these in an app. They can then enjoy contactless and partial redemption in thousands of merchants nationwide. Learn how you can distribute digital GCs today by signing up in this link.

5. Give the gift of free time

Give the gift of free time Granting your team a virtual “lights out” day is an amazing way to recognize their hard work. This means a day off or an earlier time to end the workday. For sure, they’ll appreciate the time they can use to celebrate with their family or catch up on their favorite series. Plus, they’ll come back rested, relaxed, and more motivated to do their best work once again.