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4 Ways Your WFH Outfits Affect Employee Productivity

How does an outfit define employee productivity? We find out here.

One of the ultimate perks of a remote work setup is the option to work in your pajamas. Since last year, the concept of “appropriate work attire” has transformed into being casually dressed but only from the waist up. And yet according to research, taking the time to get fully dressed when you are working from home is the first step towards productivity.

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Here are four science-backed reasons why getting dressed can get things done in WFH setups.

1. Getting out of your pajamas gives you a fresh start everyday


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Dressing up even if no one can see your outfit mentally separates work and leisure time. Having a clear distinction between your ‘work clothes’ and ‘non-work clothes’ is a great way to start a workday. The theory of enclothed cognition suggests that when you wear clothes you associate with being productive, it is more likely that you become more productive.

2. WFH dress-ups positively impacts professional performance


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A UK study found out that 67% of remote employees had put less effort into their appearance during the pandemic. Because of this, most of them disable or decline an important video call for not being well-dressed. This means a negative day at work, so it’s important that you don’t let go of your style habits even when you’re just at home.

3. Nice outfits make you look and feel competent and trustworthy


Top (1st photo): Rayon Cropped Long Sleeve Blouse (PHP 1290 only); Pants (2nd photo): Smart Ankle Pants (2way Stretch) (PHP 1490 only)

In fashion psychology, your clothes are one of the most effective ways to express your identity. In a business setting, clothes influence our attitude at work whether at home or in person. Business professionals like you feel authoritative, trustworthy, and competent when wearing formal business attires. Casual business attires, on the other hand, can make you feel friendly and approachable.

4. Your outfit can adjust to your energy levels


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Even before the pandemic, employees are more productive when the company dress code is relaxed. The thing about remote work is that you can define your own WFH dress code. It’s all about doing what makes you feel best and normal, according to career coach Erik Haztikostas.

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The act as simple as changing your clothes in the morning can make a big difference in employee productivity. If you think it’s a little too late now to encourage your team to start dressing for success, start with a once a week #WFHOutfit contest and see how their day-to-day work outlook changes. Partner this with memorable rewards like Sodexo+ digital GCs and you’ll see your team feel motivated in no time.