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Effective Ways To Motivate Employees

It has already been proven that happy and motivated employees lead to better result and productivity. In fact, according to studies, happy workers are 12% more productive, while unhappy employees are 10% less productive.

However, most often than not, employers and managers tend to overlook these things due to heavy work demand, tight schedule and whatnot. When in fact, this, too, affects significantly the company’s bottom line.

True enough, people who are already in the managerial and executive level are already swamped with important emails and are often stuck in a series of meetings. But these should not become an excuse to overlook the condition of their people.

Here are three (3) effective approaches to improve your employees’ motivation, without taking too much toll on your time.

1. Interact with your people

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Technology has been a big contribution to us since it has been introduced. It made processing and communication very efficient to the point where we no longer have to go from one place to another just to talk to a person. Though at one point, there is a drawback to all these technological benefits. For instance, since email has already been established as a form of business communication, human interaction has been lessened, especially in the workplace.

In a relationship between a staff and a manager (employer), personal interaction and communication are very important. To put this simply, managers need to let his or her staff know that their contributions are appreciated. Talk to them, give them feedback, and let them feel that they are valued.


2. Give them ownership of what they do

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Another way to motivate your employees is to let them know that you trust them, thru giving them ownership of their work. Knowing that they are trusted by their manager (or employer), they will surely go the extra mile to meet or exceed his or her manager’s expectations.

3. Provide rewards

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One sure way to boost your employees’ motivation is to give them rewards for their achievement. Trust me, it does not have to be expensive, because the mere fact that they have been rewarded is already enough to let them know that their efforts were recognized.

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