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Best Tips to Motivate Your Employees at Work

Employee motivation plays a vital role in every business. It determines the level of engagement of your people as well as their retention. To put this simply, if your workforce is highly motivated, it would definitely lead to better productivity. Also, motivated and engaged employees are less likely to leave your company and look for another opportunity outside your organization. All in all, the motivation of your employees affect your company’s bottom line, because productivity leads to higher revenue while better retention cuts the costs of acquiring and training new staff.

That being said, you should already take actions and start building a solid motivational strategy before you lose good people, which will eventually have a negative impact to the overall performance of your organization.

However, before you could come up with a sound approach to motivate your people, you have to first consider and always remember that there different types of employees. Meaning, it is a given that their motivation differ from each other. That being the case, here are some tips that you could follow to increase your employees motivation in the workplace:

1. Encourage a positive work environmentYoung asian charming woman making presentation about new idea by brainstorming meeting in modern office.

This applies across all workforce generations, because generally speaking, you will be able to get the best out of your people when they feel happy and accepted at work. That eventually affects their motivation at work, which translates to a better performance in the long-run.

2. Promote Work-Life Balance

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Employees come with different issues and needs. This is true to every organization. As a manager or employer, you have to take this into consideration if you plan to boost the motivation of your employees. Even though your employees have varying perspectives towards work-life balance, you have to deeply understand and respect that they have priorities outside work. With enough knowledge about your employees’ take on that issue, you could develop action plans to promote work-life balance in your workplace. Consequently, this will have an impact to their motivation and engagement at work.

3. Give them a Purpose

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Being in a managerial position, it is also your job to discuss with your staff the current situation of the company’s operation. Because most often than not, even though they don’t explicitly ask questions, at the back of their mind, they also want to be fully aware of the company’s moving toward its strategic objectives. More importantly, you should also communicate clearly how their work and accomplishments contribute to the overall performance of the organization.

4. Provide immediate feedback

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There are two (2) major factors to consider to provide impact feedback to your staff. First, you have to be the one to tell them in person (strictly in person!). Second, you have to give that feedback as early as possible (trust me, the phrase: “better late than never” does not apply here). So, if you want to get the optimal impact of your feedback and empower your people to go further, you need to (strictly) follow these two (2) simple rules.

5. Reward them often

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Incentives are always motivation-booster. However, this will only work if you get them the right employee incentives or you give meaningful recognition awards.

In conclusion, your people are the greatest assets of your organization. But in order for you to properly manage your workforce, you have to find out first what makes them tick, and what energizes them to go the extra mile.

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