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Best Loyalty Program Practices that Works

Are you an entrepreneur or a marketer who wants to further increase and improve your profit? Do you want to gain happier and more satisfied customers? In your marketing plan, do you have a Customer Loyalty Program? If none, you must consider having one because having more loyal customers can have a big impact on your profitability.

With a Customer Loyalty Program, you can have the following advantages for your business:

  1. Retain existing customers
  2. More repeat customers mean more sales
  3. Repeat customers have a tendency to buy more products or items
  4. Word of mouth - Your loyal customers will promote your brand within their personal network
  5. Low cost per acquisition - Advertising is more expensive compared to running a Customer Loyalty Program.

Nonetheless, a Customer Loyalty Program can be a waste of time and resources when done wrong. If the customers do not find your Customer Loyalty program interesting, they will not get involved with it and your money and efforts will be wasted.

In this article, GCregalo.com will share with you the best Customer Loyalty Program practices in the Philippines so you can come up with your own idea for your business.

1. SM Advantage Card

Loyalty Program Practices that Works - SM Advantage

SM is considered as one of the biggest businesses not only in the Philippines but also in Asia. The company wants to keep Filipinos loyal to its shopping malls and encourage repeat purchases. Every time you buy an item from SM Supermarkets, SM Department Stores, and other affiliate networks, you can earn points and use them to purchase an item.

Seasonally, SM also offers great and exclusive privileges to all SM Advantage cardholders such as 50% off selected items.

2. Real Thrills by BPI

Loyalty Program Practices that Works - Real Thrills by BPI

BPI offers great upgrades and freebies to its credit cardholders. In addition to freebies and upgrades, BPI credit card users may also enjoy the flexibility of paying in installments. To keep credit card users from spending more, BPI uses its wide and dynamic merchant network to cater to exciting experiences to its customers with a shopping, dining, travel, and leisure.

3. Shell Card Perks

Loyalty Program Practices that Works - Shell Card Perks

Competition is very tough among oil and gas companies. Smaller gas companies offer cheaper prices while bigger companies offer more expensive costs. For bigger companies, instead of lowering their price, why not come up with an attractive Loyalty Program in order to retain their customers?

The Shell Card Perks offers exclusive reward points every time you gas-up plus exclusive privileges like a 10% discount on Motolite car batteries. In this way, Shell does not only cater to the needs of its customers through its product but also provides additional offers through an exclusive partnership with Motolite.

Loyalty program gif

Having a Loyalty Program can be a burden and a hassle because you need to invest time and resources. However, due to various development in technology, having a loyalty program is now easier than ever. With Sodexo Mobile Pass, you can have an instant reward system for your Loyalty Program. You may send rewards to your loyal customers in just a click away. The Sodexo Mobile Pass can handle the merchant network for its clients and deliver the client’s rewards and gift certificate in an instant. Learn more about Sodexo Mobile pass at https://www.sodexo.ph/products/mobile-pass/ or call (632) 689-4780.

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