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Be an early bird: 4 reasons to beat the holiday gifting rush

While Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year for many, it’s also the busiest. Your company is probably in the thick of preparations for heartwarming campaigns that resonate with different stakeholders, and promos that bring delight to your consumers. But there’s one part of the corporate equation you must pay attention too as well—holiday gifting. Here’s why it pays to prepare early.

Less rushing = more time to think up meaningful gifts

Spreading the holiday cheer through gifting should not only be seen as a formality, but rather, as a way of strengthening your connections. This means veering away from templated impersonal gifts as much as possible. Preparing early helps you put more thought into finding something even more memorable. Here at Sodexo Benefits Rewards and Services, which recently unveiled its new brand Pluxee, our wide roster of customized digital gifting solutions can help you foster Magical Connexions that last. Choose from our variety of digital yuletide gifts with classics like our Christmas ham or Christmas baskets Mobile Pass. You can also sweeten the season with a Red Ribbon Cake Mobile Pass or give the gift of free appliances with an Abenson Mobile Pass. Plus, you may also customize your messages, alongside your selected Mobile Pass gift. Not to mention, we also have exclusive merchant partner deals from popular brands like Toy Kingdom, Chili’s, Botejyu, GrabMart, and many more that your recipients can enjoy exclusively using their digital GCs.

Saves you from the hassles of panic-buying

Panic-buying can result in going beyond budget. Moreover, it can lead to product shortages for the gift items you would really want to get. It leaves you little to no room for flexibility and can add to your already growing pile of holiday stressors. Good thing our digital gifting solutions provide you with the gift of convenience. Not only will it save you from storage fees and logistical nightmares, but it also saves you plenty of time for the other things that matter with real-time distribution and API integration.

Getting your books in order

When not done right, the yuletide season can become a breeding ground for unorganized business books. This is another consequence of panic-buying or shopping for corporate gifts at the very last minute. Messy business accounting can also contribute to hazy less-informed decision making. Beating the gifting holiday rush puts your business at an advantage and saves you precious time in the long run.

Enjoy bigger discounts and promos

Trust us, there are plenty of awesome deals and price drops when you do your holiday gift shopping earlier. We’ll let you in on a secret: early birds can enjoy our corporate gifting solutions at an even higher discount on total orders. If you’re interested to know more, sign up here and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Have a holly jolly time Christmas shopping!