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A Complete How-To Guide for HRs on Beating Christmas Rush

No matter how much we tell ourselves that we’ll be prepared next Christmas, we still find ourselves in the middle of the Christmas rush somehow. This happens to many people, including Human Resource (HR) professionals who are busy preparing for company events during the season.

From planning the office Christmas party to processing everyone’s 13th-month pay to getting the best gift for employees, the Christmas season can be an HR nightmare in some ways. Squeezing all these tasks in the shortest and fastest time of the year can really be stressful. So, we’re here to help you go through it like it’s a dream.

Here’s a foolproof guide for HR professionals on beating the Christmas rush:

Step 1: Accept the fact that you’re already trapped in Christmas rush

Accept the fact that you’re already trapped in Christmas rush

Knowing very well that you’re about to or already experiencing the rush is the first step to beating it. You get to think about the Metro Manila traffic that gets way more intense during ‘ber’ months. You get to picture yourself stuck in long queues at crowded malls. And you get to expect delays in deliveries because it’s the peak season.

This will help you create a more efficient game plan that will work for the time you have left. There’s no more time for procrastination. It’s time to get things done.

Step 2: Make a detailed to-do list

Make a detailed to-do list

Stress is HR’s ultimate enemy during the holiday season. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed—and even lost—with all the tasks that need to be done for Christmas aside from your day-to-day deliverables. It’s a must that you remain on top of these things.

Making a to-do list is an effective technique to remain organized. It comes in handy especially if you are planning for the company Christmas party. (Read: Avoid These Common Christmas Event ‘Epic Fails’) You can classify which tasks can wait and need more time and effort to accomplish.

When everything seems to be urgent, creating a list of tasks keeps you mentally prepared for the day. Trust us, your mind will automatically help you figure out how to do tasks efficiently when it knows exactly what to expect. Plus, ticking items off your to-do list and seeing all that you’ve accomplished will make you feel more productive!

Step 3: Plan your trips accordingly

Plan your trips accordingly

While it’s too late now for advanced Christmas planning, you can still put your planning skills into good use.

Everyone’s trapped in the Christmas rush. But considering the amount of workload you currently have, you should be able to create a time-efficient schedule for your ocular visits, meetings, and, if needed, shopping.

It’s already a given that you’ll have longer travel time than usual. Your usual time allowance may not accurately work this season. And you need to refill your patience tank before leaving the office. Consider the time and day of your scheduled appointments. And most importantly, avoid going out during the rush-hour period. You get to be more productive when you don’t spend your time stuck in the road, looking at the Christmas traffic lights.

Step 4: Shop for Christmas Gifts without leaving your place  Shop for Christmas Gifts without leaving your place

It’s almost 2020; meaning, there are a lot of ways for you to shop at the comfort of your office or home already. In fact, the e-commerce industry had been expected to grow by 10.9% in 2019 as Filipinos become more active users of the Internet.

Be practical and go online shopping this year instead. Not only you get to skip the heavy traffic in the metro, but you also get to save yourself from the hassle of transporting your gifts from the shopping malls to your place. There are a lot of e-commerce platforms where you can buy gifts with the advantage of free shipping, like GC Regalo (www.GCregalo.com) where you can buy Sodexo gift certificates in just a few clicks.

Through GC Regalo, you give #MoreThanJustAChristmasGift to your employees. Sodexo gift certificates have been loved by many because it gives them the freedom to buy what their heart truly wants for Christmas. It can be used to over 10,000+ merchant stores nationwide, including Filipino favorites like Jollibee, Mang Inasal, and Rustan’s Supermarket. Giving your employees Sodexo gift certificates this Christmas is the most hassle-free yet meaningful choice you can make.

Final Thoughts

Christmastime is a season of giving. It is meant to be a joyful occasion for everyone. During this season, it’s important to think about the best way to make other people happy. But it would also be nice to do it without beating yourself up too much. No matter how much we try to pull off such an incredible Christmas preparation, finding ourselves tangled in the buzz of the Christmas rush is almost inevitable.

Let’s not forget the purpose of this season: to make everyone feel appreciated. Even with little time left to prepare, you can make your employees feel they are valued with a gift they will enjoy and remember.

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