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7 Ways to Celebrate the Women in Your Life

Women’s month is a celebration of all the ladies in your life. As we close the monthlong celebration, we bring you gift ideas - to show your appreciation - After all, you can ­give a gift just because.

  1. For your mom: The Secret Lounge’s Gel Polish Manicure & Pedicure with Cleaning service via Parlon 

Treat your mom to a mani-pedi session! What’s even better is you can snag this sweet deal  through Parlon’s Deals page!

  1. For your grown-up daughter: The Philips HR1559 2-Liter Stand Mixer from Abenson via Sodexo’s Call-to-Order service

Whether for kneading, whipping, scrambling, mashing or shredding, this versatile piece will stand out in the kitchen. Easily order and have it delivered to your doorstep through Sodexo’s Call-to-Order service.

  1. For your wife: a pair of Elli Germany Creoles Crystals Earrings from ZALORA

To the gents reading this post, splurge on a pair of sparklies for the wifey to wear during your next date night!

  1. For your childhood best friend: A catch-up date over appetizers and drinks at Chili’s

Fill each other in while you fill your tummies at Chili’s.

  1. For your favorite Aunt or Tita: Pink Phalaenopsis Orchids from FlowerStore  

Your favorite aunt can never have too many plants. Have it sent to her doorstep as a surprise with some help from FlowerStore.

  1. For your favorite teammate: A lunch date with the Everyday Buy One Get One Meal offer of Italianni’s

Your work bestie deserves a treat for her role in maintaining your work-life wellbeing! Italianni’s has some great Everyday Buy One Get One Meal deals that won’t disappoint.

  1. For your boss: the Ohwell Organics’ All is Well French Lavender Scented Candle

Looking for a way to thank your boss for the work she does to lead you and your team? Help her relax with a soothing scented candle, which you can find in Shopee.

  1. For your teacher: a Leuchtturm A5 Notebook with free personalization from National Bookstore 

Personalize your gift to your favorite teacher! This notebook is handy, useful, and thoughtful too.

Parlon, Shopee, and ZALORA e-vouchers available in the Sodexo+ in-app shop so you can easily redeem them and use to buy gifts.

Show the women in your life that you appreciate them for all that they do! These gift ideas are just some ideas to get you started.