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7 Domino’s Pizza Flavors Perfect for Every Work Celebration

Work celebrations are best paired with Domino’s Pizza.

Celebrations are essential in making our work lives fun and exciting. Spending time with our colleagues over good food and great stories is an effective way to build camaraderie and team spirit. And whether you’re working from home or safely transitioning to the new normal office setup, you still ought to carve out some time to feel festive and celebrate milestones.

Luckily, there’s a Domino’s Pizza that can be best paired with every work celebration. Check out the list below.

1. The Extravaganzza for your promotion

ExtravaganzzaSuch special milestone matches the extraordinary taste of this best-selling Domino’s pizza.

2. The Potato Bacon pizza for your work anniversary

Potato Bacon pizza

This delicious pizza will give you a new way to enjoy another year in your company—and your potatoes, too!

3. The White Bacon pizza for when you complete a project or launch a new one

White Bacon pizza

You must celebrate those wins with a flavorful pizza such as this.

4. The Spinach and Feta pizza for when you hit any sort of target

Spinach and Feta pizzaThere’s always an excuse to celebrate! Make it more fun with this delicious thin crust pizza.

5. The Meatzza for a colleague’s birthday

MeatzzaSurprise your favorite teammate with this meaty pizza and take time to catch up on the most interesting happenings in your lives.

6. The Memphis BBQ Chicken pizza for your game nights

Memphis BBQ Chicken PizzaThis treat is what you crave for chill, social nights.

7. The American Bacon Cheeseburger pizza for your townhalls or teambuilding

American Bacon CheeseburgeWhat can bond a team better than a cheeseburger and pizza in one?


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