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6 Underrated Office Party Food to Try

There’s always a reason to celebrate in the office. Be it a colleague’s birthday or a project milestone, throwing a casual party where everyone can relax for a minute over delicious food and drinks is a great way to pump up team spirit.  

For sure, you already have your go-to snacks for office parties. And while those are undoubtedly good choices, it’s always a great idea to try something different every once in a while. After all, new things inspire fresh perspectives. And who knows? Your team might just discover their new favorite. 

We rounded up a list of underrated party food choices you should try on your next team huddle. These are available from Angel’s Pizza, Figaro Coffee, and Tien Ma’s, who are treating you and your team with exclusive deals of up to 15% off to celebrate the #GifterrificHolidays!  

Angel’s Pizza  

 1. Triple Threat Pizza   

If your team loves Angel’s Pizza’s best-selling Spinach Dip, then you should include this 3-in-1 pizza on your next order. It’s one part Pepperoni, one part Big Kahuna Hawaiian, and one part All Meat—perfect for big groups with different personalities.  

2. Chorizo Rice Bakes All-Day Breakfast 

Another must-try from Angel’s Pizza is this treat from their all-day breakfast selections. It’s a filling meal that promises the best of both worlds between meat-lovers pizza and a baked rice recipe.  

Figaro Coffee  

3. Half Sandwich + Pasta  

This combo meal makes an amazing choice if you want to give your team the freedom to get what they want. They can choose between Grilled Ham and Cheese, Chicken Waldorf, and Grilled Chicken Pesto Focaccia for sandwich; and Arrabiata, Pasta A la Carlo, Chicken Mushroom Carbonara, and Garden Herb Pesto for pasta.  

4. Tropical Fruit Tea  


Your team might be going to Figaro for a coffee fix, but it’s a delightful surprise to know that they also serve fresh fruit teas you should try. This tropical fruit tea is a refreshing choice perfect if you are aiming for an afternoon tea party. 

Tien Ma’s  


5. Mandarin Orange Chicken  

Aside from their famous Xiao Long Bao, you should also try Tien Ma’s Mandarin Orange Chicken. It’s juicy, crispy, and crunchy, and has a unique tangy flavor that sets it apart from your usual chicken favorites.  

6. Three Cup Squid 


If you enjoy the crowd-favorite Tien Ma’s Three Cup Chicken, then you’ll surely love this Three Cup Squid, too.  It’s perfect as a viand or a snack, especially if you want to go for an all-out celebration with your team.  

Don’t miss the chance to treat you and your team with these must-try food suggestions from Angel’s Pizza, Figaro Coffee, or Tien Ma’s. They offer limited-time exclusive deals for Sodexo+ digital GC holders!  

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Food photos courtesy of Figaro Group