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6 catch-up date restos this holiday season

Alas, after almost three years of Zoom dates with friends and family, 2022 is allowing us to see our loved ones face-to-face this Christmas. It’s only fitting that we grab the opportunity to meet them and take time to know what’s been going on in their lives.  

When choosing a place for catch-up dates, whether with low maintenance friends or close relatives, it’s important to consider the restaurant’s ambiance, food quality, and location. Luckily, Sodexo merchants tick all these boxes and make holiday splurging worth your while.  

Here are restaurant suggestions if you are looking for your next date location: 

1. Botejyu  

Lovers of authentic Japanese cuisine will love Botejyu. With branches scattered across Metro Manila and nearby provinces, this Osaka-born restaurant has Okosoba and Okonomiyaki on their list of best-sellers. They also have Takoyakis, Ramen, Teppan dishes, as well as affordable group feasts to share with family and friends.  

2. Paper Moon Café  

If you are looking for unique specialty cakes to bond with over good stories and laughs, then Paper Moon Café should be your place. Their dainty branches in Metro Manila set the mood for heart-to-heart conversations. And their mille crepes and cakes are nothing short of heavenly.  

3. PEPI Cubano 

Sandwiches are usually our staple snacks for meetings, movie marathons, and cocktail parties, but you’ll be surprised how much it makes an ideal meal for catch-up dates too. PEPI Cubano’s freshly-pressed Cuban sandwiches paired with Kape Cubano are perfect for breakfast or brunch catch-up dates. Drop by any of their branches in Metro Manila and you’ll surely have a unique experience no matter where you go to.  

4. Wing Zone  

Everybody loves a good hangout place that serves chicken wings and burgers—and this is exactly what Wing Zone is. Their mouthwatering wings and flavorful burgers are already great conversation starters. Pair it with a year’s worth of life updates for the best catch-up ever! Wing Zone has branches in Metro Manila, Batangas, Pampanga, and Cavite. 

5. Yogorino  

If you have dreams of going to Italy someday, Yogorino can be your temporary retreat. Serving frozen yogurt and gelato all the way from Italy, this dessert shop is instantly a sweet spot for a reunion with people you missed.  

6. Greyhound Café  

Bangkok’s Greyhound Café has come to the Philippines to serve modern Thai food with a twist, perfect for friends and family who like to explore different cuisines together. Their pad thai with fresh shrimp, spicy seafood poh-tak hot pot, and rib eye steak with green curry sauce are just some of their signature dishes to try with your loved ones.  

And what’s better than good food? Free food! Botejyu, Paper Moon Café, PEPI Cubano, Wing Zone, Yogorino, and Greyhound Café offer limited-time exclusive deals for Sodexo+ digital GC holders!  

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