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3 Tips on How to Give your Employees Independence

Independence Day celebrates the day of the Philippine Nation where we received the freedom from colonizers. On this day, people have sacrificed themselves for the love of country and nation just to free the Nation. They were empowered and had full autonomy to reinforce help to those who are in need during that time.

Generally, we also associate ‘Independence’ to many things. Just like in the context of thought leadership in Employee Engagement, ‘independence’ is highly associated to the feeling of autonomous and trusted at work. People with this feeling tend to get rewarded such as gift certificates, gift cards, gift packs, and many more for delivering more than what the company needs. Here are some tips on how you could give your employees independence at work.

Set a Clear and Realistic Expectations

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Setting the right height of the bar is very important. Expectation setting is very important to understand what seems possible and impossible to deliver. It also allows both employee and supervisors what are the realistic, challenging and unmanageable things that might encounter in between. This is very critical as you also comprehend how other people interpret his job on his own.

For example, you are looking where to buy gift certificates in the Philippines. You asked your new employee to buy it online and he unintentionally forgot to ask you where to buy. And your team usually get gift certificates from www.GCRegalo.com. But unfortunately, he bought other type of gift certificate available online. So that’s where the expectation should meet halfway. Superior and the new employee should’ve aligned first clearly before buying gift certificates online.

Give them Your Full Trust and Autonomy

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Once everything is on its right place, people delivers. But once things went more than what employees expected, they tend to do more, and to do well. This is when the employee independence comes into place. Your employee is becoming empowered and has a freewill to do whatever we wants to do for the business just to meet the overall goals.

For instance, you are a wedding coordinator who’s directly reporting to a wedding project manager. You have been told to look for wedding gift ideas for seeding to your client’s guests. Your project manager gave you full autonomy on how will you search for it and how will you distribute it. She just ask you about updates and progress of your work.

Reward them for their Job Well-Done

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Employees who became independent at work tent to get rewarded by their superiors. To sustain the momentum of your employees in doing well, more than mentoring, better incentive for him. You can explore rewarding him affordable gift certificates so he gets to have the shopping freedom he needs. With this, he can now purchase whatever gift items he wants for himself or for his family.

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Your employees can get a lifestyle freedom using Sodexo Premium Pass. They can actually use it in over 10,000 accredited merchants from a to z. Gift certificates like this clearly gives independence to people who have received this.

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