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11 Self-Care Treatments to Improve Your Well-Being

Self-care is important. But beyond the common ways to take care of yourself such as eating proper meals, regularly drinking water, and getting enough sleep, it’s still a good idea to treat yourself to a break. Your physical health is important but so is your overall well-being. So why not indulge in self-care treatments?

Here are some self-care treatments that you can get exclusively through Parlon!

  1. A two-hour Recovery Float Session and Massage at Recovery Spa

Say goodbye to stress and the pain points in your body with a float sensory deprivation session. In this session, enjoy the darkness and salt water that will wash the stress away, followed by a Swedish massage.

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  1. A Vita-Glow Drip at O2 Skin Lab

Glowing skin is possible, thanks to a skin rejuvenating drip at O2 Skin Lab! Boost your immune system and get radiant skin – the Glow Drip contains 2,400mg of Glutathione, 2,500mg of Vitamin C, and 1,500mg of collagen.

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  1. An Oxygeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial at B&B Salon and Spa

Want a different type of facial? The Oxygeneo treatments comes packed with three anti-aging treatments given at the same time - exfoliation, infusion, and oxygenation.

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  1. A Multi Lash In Bloom session at Browhaus

Fancy some pretty lashes? The Lash In Bloom service at Browhaus lets you customize your falsies!

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  1. A Soul Wellness Weekend Retreat at Hiraya Wellness

Why not indulge in the ultimate self-care treatment and go on a wellness retreat? The Soul Wellness weekend retreat includes a 3.5-hour spa package, a villa overnight stay and breakfast and lunch.

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  1. A Full Hair Color, Cut, and Benibana’s Japanese Milk Protein Treatment infused with Nano steam and Frozen Iron at Benibana Beauty Hub

Give your locks the VIP treatment! Get a fresh cut and make your hair soft and shiny with a Japanese Milk Protein treatment. Cap off your session with nano steam and frozen iron to make the protein treatment last longer!

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  1. Laser Warts Removal at Biocare Asia Aesthetics

Often, warts are caused by some type of virus. If you have one on your face, don’t worry! Biocare Aesthetics Asia can remove them safely and quickly, and without invasive surgery.

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  1. A Classic Mani, Pedi and Foot Spa session at Buffed Nail Lounge

If you want to indulge in a self-care treatment but you’re not sure what to get, you can’t go wrong with a mani-pedi session.

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  1. A Haircut + L'Oréal Hair Spa w/ Vial at Azta Urban Salon

Your hair can also get the spa treatment! A hair spa treatment is a perfect companion to your hair cut.

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  1. A Single Whitening Session at The Smile Bar

Flash those pearly whites with pride! You can get your teeth whitened in just 20 minutes too!

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  1. A Brazilian Waxing Appointment with Limited Edition Wax at Strip

Get a wax using fun, flavored limited-edition waxes!

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