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How ‘Flexitime’ is Transforming Office Productivity in the Philippines

Flexitime is becoming a huge trend recently in the corporate world, allowing workers to have more freedom with their time as long as they meet the desired expectations. Depending on the organization’s needs, flextime schedules have both advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, if you ask the workers whether they like it or not, the obvious answer […]

Top Employee Engagement Myths

The worldwide statistics show that employee engagement globally is surprisingly very low with only 15% engagement rate. Ready for another surprising fact? 51% percent of employees are actively looking or a new job or at least watching for job openings. There are tons of employee engagement myths and these myths are playing a huge role in the status quo […]

Top 5 Powerful Marketing Automation Tools

With the rapid practice and tech advancement in the digital landscape, there are tons of choices when it comes to marketing automation tools. Because of this, many marketers are stuck and confused on which one to use. It is tremendously hard to know the difference between the tools and industry landscape can be difficult. Now, […]