April 2020 - Sodexo

Virtual Office Activities To Level Up Your WFH Setup

Virtual Office Activities

As companies shift to remote work arrangements, having virtual office activities can be an effective way to bring teams closer and maintain good company culture. At one point or another, everyone might have caught cabin fever already. And we can use a little bit of fun, for sure.  If you are craving for social interaction or simply want to do something different, here are […]

How To Send Help To Your Employees During A Crisis

How To Send Help To Your Employees During A Crisis

The Filipino workforce has once again proven how resilient and resourceful it can be. When the Luzon island was placed under lockdown, not one organization imagined that it could maintain optimum productivity while on full remote work setup.  And yet, most did.     Of the many things that challenge the business sector right now, one of the most critical is addressing the needs of […]

5 Simple Things You Can Do Today To Keep Team Morale High

How To Keep Staff Morale High

Team morale is a state of mind.  Work has never been the same ever since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global public health emergency because of the COVID-19 outbreak.   Cities have been placed under lockdown. Establishments were forced to close to help lessen the spread of the virus.  And for most companies like Sodexo, remote work policies have been implemented to safeguard the health […]

6 Practical and Useful Gifts To Give During a Health Crisis

6 Practical and Useful Gifts

Almost a month into the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and Filipinos are slowly finding their way to adjust to the ‘new normal.’ Life goes on even if we’re on lockdown. We do what we can to put food on our tables. Birthdays and anniversaries still happen. And for the lucky ones, work continues even at home.   For sure, a lot of us are looking for ways to make this […]