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The Challenges Marketers Face Are Becoming Digital

Digital Marketing Challenges

Digital marketing challenges are becoming one of the most talked-about topics today. In the Philippines, Filipinos spend at least 10 hours and 2 minutes on the Internet using any device. 71% of the total Philippine population has access to the Internet, making the Philippines the country with the heaviest Internet usage in the world. By […]

Top Recruitment Challenges in The Philippines: What They Are and What We Can Do About Them


Recruitment is one the most challenging tasks faced by many Human Resources (HR) teams. In the 2019 State of HR in the Philippines report released by Sprout Solutions, recruitment ranked second to labor relations as the biggest pain point of HR professionals. This only proves that the hiring process is no easy feat. Gone are […]

The Pros and Cons of Work-From-Home Careers

a male person wearing casual clothes while using his laptop

Having a work-from-home career can mean different things for different types of people. For some, working inside the comfort of their homes is an ideal setting that solves most of their office problems; while for others, such setup has more challenges than benefits. With the recent institutionalization of the Telecommuting Act, it is now possible […]

How ‘Flexitime’ is Transforming Office Productivity in the Philippines

Flexitime is becoming a huge trend recently in the corporate world, allowing workers to have more freedom with their time as long as they meet the desired expectations. Depending on the organization’s needs, flextime schedules have both advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, if you ask the workers whether they like it or not, the obvious answer […]