April 2019 - Sodexo

Why is it challenging to create recognition programs for Filipino Employees

Employee recognition program is one of the best tools for you to boost overall company performance. An effective recognition program is like an investment that pays multiple returns. Here are some of them: Reinforce positive behavior Increase engagement  Set the right expectations  Motivates to achieve great things Employee retention Nonetheless, there are a few common […]

Rewards & Recognition that Fits Philippine Culture

Rewards & recognition is used by companies mainly to improve the motivation of their employees. Motivated employees demonstrate higher productivity and most likely to leave the company. Let’s face the truth, retaining your most talented employees is always a challenge as they have more opportunities outside. Also, it is inefficient to train new staff over […]

Digitalizing your Rewards Program in the Philippines

Gone are the days where paper vouchers or coupons offering as much as 50% discounts. If you’re an entrepreneur, marketer or even HR professional looking for effective and easy to administer rewards for your employees, you must now think digital. It is proven by numbers that an enticing deal will make your customers come back […]