April 2018 - Sodexo

5 Essential Components of an Effective Promotion

5 Essential Components of an Effective Promotion - Banner

By definition, consumer sales promotion is the process of persuading consumers to try a product or service. Sales promotions are usually conducted by companies as a tactical strategy or program to boost the sales of their product(s), as well as to gain a competitive advantage against direct and indirect competitors along the way. However nowadays, […]

Benefits of Implementing a Digital Rewards Program

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The introduction of the internet, social media, mobile apps, and the likes have been a significant contribution to our lives. Not only that it made things easier for us, but it also became a part of our everyday routine as well. In this modern age, almost everyone owns a mobile phone, a computer, and is […]

Benefits of a Channel Partner Incentives Program

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Channel partners are third-party organizations that are appointed by manufacturers to sell their products, services, etc.. to their target customers. To succeed in your partnership with your current or future sales channels, you have treat them beyond that. Meaning, since you tapped them as your distribution partner, it should be your common goal to have […]