March 2018 - Sodexo

Effective Ways To Motivate Employees

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It has already been proven that happy and motivated employees lead to better result and productivity. In fact, according to studies, happy workers are 12% more productive, while unhappy employees are 10% less productive. However, most often than not, employers and managers tend to overlook these things due to heavy work demand, tight schedule and […]

5 Key Tips For Your Channel Incentives Programs

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Dealers, distributors, and re-sellers are no stranger to channel incentives programs. Many companies use this type of scheme to drive the behavior of their channel partners –behavior that will eventually lead to increase in revenue, of course. However, this does not necessarily mean that having a sales channel rewards program will automatically translate to an increase of […]

How to Gear up your Next Consumer Sales Promotion?

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There are several of consumer sales promotion techniques that companies use to promote their product. But other than product promotion, the purpose of conducting such initiatives is to encourage product trials, increase repeat purchases, and of course, augment sales. One of the most common and conventional techniques being used is price-off or discount promo. However, […]